WhatsApp Passes Facebook As Leading Mobile Messaging App

The world’s biggest social network has lost a crown in the mobile category. WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook in social messaging category.

In a recent study conducted by On Device Research they discovered between five different countries that 44% of participants used WhatsApp at least once a week. The survey included 4,000 different smartphone participants between the five countries. Compared to the 44% that used WhatsApp only 35% used Facebook Messenger once a week.

In addition to the social messaging discovery the study revealed some other remarkable information how we use our cell phones. Compared to traditional calls and texts social messaging apps are used more often. Only 60% of the participants used e-mail daily in the study, 75% used SMS texts and 73% used voice calls daily. But in contrast 86% used social messaging apps daily.

How can Facebook regain its popularity in all aspects of social messaging? Does the basic no ad design of WhatsApp make it more popular to use?


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