What If You Heartbeat Replaces Your Login and Passwords?

With sensitive information transmitted daily via the Internet we are required to use various passwords and logins to safeguard information. It can be tedious at times remembering various credentials but what if your heart was the key to your information? With Nymi that could soon be an option.

Nymi is wireless device worn on your wrist similar to popular health accessories like the Nike Fuel Band. When you first set up the device, the user has a brief process which synchronizes with his/her heartbeat. Now via Bluetooth your unique electrocardiogram signature can be shared across various devices without the needs of a password or login.

Preorders have begun for Nymi which begins shipping out in 2014. Besides the black, the Nymi will be available in white and orange at release. The device retails for a reasonable price on $79. Check out more of what the Nymi can do in the promo video below.



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