Western Digital Launch Streaming Set-Top Box WD TV Play

With instant media content becoming a norm now, Western Digital enters the competitive market with its own streaming device. Will it be a reasonable foe against the Apple TV and Roku box? Check out the features of WD Tv Play below.


The WD Tv Play enhances the user experience outside the traditional cable box. Like other set-top boxes you are able to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and YouTube from the device. Video playback is not the only function of Western Digital’s device, you can also stream music from popular services like Pandora Radio and Spotfiy, additionally you can view pictures from Flickr and Picasa.

Setting up the WD TV Play is fairly simple. The device runs off a Wifi or ethernet connection, whichever is most suitable for your needs. Once connected to your network the set-top box has an HDMI output allowing you to stream 1080p content directly to your television.

A feature which sets the WD TV Play aside from its competitors is the USB input included on the device. Unlike Apple TV or Roku, you can plug a USB drive directly into the device to stream content or from shared computers and laptops on your home network. There are some limitations however, it was discovered that some MKV (Matroska) files, not all, can playback on the device.

Overall the WD TV Play is a good buy. Retailing at $70 you receive great value if you need a device to access and share Netflix, Hulu and pictures with friends and family. If the file limitations are not suitable for your needs Western Digital also has the  WD TV Live which comes with even more features than the WD TV Play.


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