Vintage Apple 1 Computer Auctions For Over 300k

The second vintage Apple computer in recent months was retailed off recently. This auction however was not as recording breaking as the one held back in May but it still sold for a astronomical price. Details about the Apple 1 auction below.

An Apple 1 computer in working condition was sold in an auction this week. Bidding ended for the computer at $387,750. Back in May a similar rare Apple computer was auctioned and sold for $671,400, a huge difference from the current auction.

The computer was sold through The Christie’s auction with online-bidding only. It was up from June 24 and ended on Tuesday.

Only about 200 Apple 1 computer was manufactured and only 40 to 50 units survived after initial development. According to a spokeswoman at Christie’s Auction there are less than a dozen functioning Apple 1 computers in existence today making the device even rarer.

The Christie’s auction did not break records like the Apple 1 auction held by Auction Team Breker of Cologne, Germany in May but it was a success nonetheless. According to Christie the sale was record breaking for the business, “[It was] the highest-priced item to ever be sold through Christie’s new online-only platform.”

The prices for Apple 1 rose drastically after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Prior to his death Christie auctioned a Apple 1 units for $213,000.


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