Vine Latest Update Adds Some Unique New Features


The war between Vine and Instagram was sparked when Facebook added video sharing to the social network.

Twitter, who owns Vine has released a new update to their video sharing application with some great new features. Check out the Vine update below.

On Twitter users are able to repost better know as retweet posts from public users. The new Vine update adds the same feature, dubbed as ‘revining’ to the video sharing network.

In addition to ‘revining,’ Vine has totally transformed the social network which was originally public when users posted  videos. Now users can protect their profiles controlling who are allowed to view their videos. This feature was already available when Instagram added video last month.

The new Vine update also adds 15 new channels for users. The additional channels make exploration on the network easier for users to find new content. Some of the channels include music and comedy.

In the blog post announcing the update Vine co-founder and CTO, Colin Kroll said “This is our biggest, most exciting update yet — and we’ve got even more coming soon.”

Guess we can expect even more for iOS and Android on Vine in the near future.


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