Ultimate Labor Day Party BBQ & Accessories

Labor Day PartyGetting ready for a Labor Day BBQ? By now you’ve probably got your lawn mowed and your grill on standby. But here are a few more tips and accessories to give your backyard bash a few special touches, Sharper Image style.

1. Drinks — Ice down cans and bottles at least 90 minutes before guests are due to arrive, and keep them outside (or at least out of the kitchen). Our Stainless Steel Beverage Bin and Mega Can Sports Cooler are perfect for self-serving. If you’re having beer, consider the Mini Keg Cooler with Tap. Guests can pour their own cold brews, and you won’t have to play bartender. After all, you’re supposed to be manning the grill!

2. Music — Every party needs some groovy tunes, and a wireless outdoor speaker is crucial. Here’s why: your device can stay safe inside, while it streams music outside. And, no one can mess with your playlist! To get the job done, try the Bluetooth Wireless Rock Speaker or the Extended Range Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, with color-changing party lights and an impressive range of up to 115 feet.

3. Games — Give your guests something do (besides eating) by placing outdoor games throughout the yard. Some of our favorites are Indoor/Outdoor/Pool Basketball (no pool needed!) and Portable Badminton. For after-dark play, try our LED Ladder Toss, Lighted Bean Bag Toss or Glow in the Dark Backyard Darts.

4. Dessert — Nothing caps off a great barbecue like a cold, creamy treat. Get a big tub of vanilla ice cream and load up on nuts, candies and fresh berries… the Ice Cream Parlor Mixing Set lets you create customized flavors on a cold stone slab, just like your favorite ice cream shop.

5. Photos — No doubt your guests will be clicking away on their digital cameras or smartphones. Why not give them an instant memento to commemorate the unofficial end of summer? The Smartphone Photo Cube Printer is compatible with all digital cameras and mobile devices, either through a built-in dock or the USB port, so guests can make their own instant color prints to take home. Just plug it in to an AC outlet — no computer is required!

When it comes to backyard Labor Day parties, remember: keep it simple, keep it safe and keep it fun — this special holiday only comes around once a year!

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And have a great holiday weekend, from your friends at Sharper Image.

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