Uh Oh! Facebook Stock a No Go?

Everyone ran out and purchased Facebook stock. Is there a reason to regret it now?

According to TechCrunch, it may not be performing to well:

“The story of Facebook’s IPO is well known. They launched off the back of incredible pre-float hype and soared in early trading, only for the stock to then crash and burn as investors grew wary of the earning potential of the stock. This saw bankers Morgan Stanley criticized for their role in the flotation.

That seems to be the accepted story, but is it accurate? Business Insider reveal that the Facebook stock has in fact risen 20% in the last 2 weeks.

Two weeks ago the stock seemed to have hit rock bottom at just $25, a far cry from the $38 they launched at. Many commentators however believed there was still further to fall.

That however has not happened. In fact the stock has instead bounced back, returning to a level closer to their IPO price at $31.50 a share. ”

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