Twitter Founder Launches New Social Network Add-On 'Jelly'

Even though he is no longer apart of his successful business, Twitter, co-founder Biz Stone just launched a new social network, well more of an add-on to popular social networks called Jelly.

The app was released this week and is free

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to download for iOS and Android users. Basically Jelly links with either your Facebook, Twitter or both and allows you to ask your friends questions via your photos. Simply you just add a photo to the app and you can add some annotations, crop, and attach your question.

Stone is looking to redefine the age of “Google it.”

“Everyone’s mobile and connected so if you have a question there’s somebody out there who knows the answer,” Stone said. “You send your question out and either someone you know directly has the answer for you or they know someone who knows the answer and that person can answer for you, you’re helping people by answering their questions even just by forwarding their questions.”

What if your friends don’t have the answer? What

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is stopping them from giving you incorrect information for then own personal entertainment? Looks like you will still have to run to Google. But maybe with time Jelly will develop into a new road on the information highway bka the internet.

Try out Jelly for yourself, download it for iOS here and Android here.


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