Twitter Enhanced To Allow Users To Send Photos Via DM

An minor upgrade was released for the Twitter app this week. Besides a couple of cosmetic changes to the app a new feature has been added to the micro-blogging network. Users can now send photo via DM to other friends.

The new feature doesn’t seem like much but it’s a clear move to compete with popular photo sharing network Snapchat. With the ability to send pictures via DM users can now share privately instead of displaying them in public.

In addition to the new DM feature Twitter has changed the way you switch between feeds on the app. When you want to switch between timelines on the app, whether if it’s your public feed, discover or activity you now just need to swipe left or right to change timelines. The intention of the change according to senior director of product engineering Jeremy Gordon was to make it easier for users to keep up with current trends as well as a easier way to favorite and retweet.

Did you upgrade your Twitter app? How do you like the new

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