Top Ten Gift Ideas for Small Space and Dorm Living

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    1. Phone Charging Bluetooth Speaker Desk LampPhone Charging Bluetooth Speaker Desk Lamp: Combining three devices into one, this Phone Charging Bluetooth Speaker Desk Lamp is perfect for studying at your desk or as a bed-side charging station and reading light.
    2. Alarm ClockAlarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers: Even with a busy nightlife, you can still manage to be on time for those early classes with this amazing digital alarm clock. It has a piercing 113 decibel alarm, plus a “super shaker bed vibrator” that slips between your mattress and box spring. Wake up to a soft or loud beep, vibration or vibration and beep combination.
    3. Bose Wireless HeadphonesBose® AE2w Bluetooth Headphones: In a small room with one or two roommates (or more!), you can’t always listen to music, or watch movies that everyone agrees on. With these wireless headphones you can enjoy your music or a movie while the rest of the room enjoys quiet.
    4. shower speakerWater-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker for iPhone/iPad/Android: Listen to your favorite music while in the shower, without getting zapped. We’ve come a long way in technology since listening to music near water was a bad idea. Now you can stream your music or podcasts from a nearby phone or tablet to this Bluetooth Shower Speaker with ease.
    5. water filtration systemPowered Water Filtration System: Not all school water is created equally. This Powered Water Filtration System removes more contaminants than gravity-based water filters, allowing for a cleaner, fresher tasting glass of water. Let it run overnight, fill up your water bottle and run off to class.
    6. adjustable tilt fanAdjustable Tilt Tower Fan: Here’s a cool tip for making small spaces comfortable: tower fans. They have roughly the same footprint as a conventional oscillating fan, but offer much faster air circulation. Our Adjustable Tilt Tower Fan even pivots backward for upward air circulation that maximizes the efforts of your exiting heating and AC throughout the year.
    7. smartphone organizerAcrylic Smartphone Organizer: Keep your desk organized and neat with a space for all of your pocket items. This Acrylic Smartphone Organizer delivers style with compartments for your phone, keys and more, so everything is within easy reach when you run out the door.
    8. jellyfish chairPerfect Posture Jellyfish Chair: Encourage better posture and build your core muscles while typing away at your laptop with this Perfect Posture Jellyfish Chair. While some prefer a traditional desk chair, this posture chair will help you sit straighter and be stronger in the long run.
    9. laptop trayLaptop and Tablet Tray: Laptop trays have been around for as long as laptops. This tray, however, allows you to work in bed or on the couch with your laptop and tablet side by side so you can copy notes over or multi-task with ease.
    10. electroplasma lava lamp17” Mega Electroplasma Lava Lamp: As cheesy as it may sound to some, every dorm room needs a lava lamp. And this 17” Mega Electroplasma Lava Lamp is no slouch. It produces real, live arcs of electricity to light your room with cool colors.
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