Top 3 BBQ Gifts to Make Spring Grill-Tastic

Spring is only weeks away, which means it’ll soon be time for cooking outside on the grill. Nothing beats those spring and summer meals cooked over an open flame, but cooking and cleaning outside can be a chore. With our Top 3 BBQ gifts for spring, your favorite grillmaster will have an easier time whenever he (or she!) turns those steaks, burgers, dogs and veggies.

BBQ Grill Thermometer

Grilling and barbecuing are all about temperature. But even those built-in thermometers can break or give you bad readings. Our Bluetooth Grill Thermometer gives you accurate readings, and even sends updates to your iPhone or Android device, so the chef can achieve perfect results without hovering over the food.

Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot

Grillers love to grill… but cleaning? Not so much! Enter the Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot. It automatically maneuvers across the surface of the grill, scrubbing and scraping along the way to remove caked-on grease and grime while the chef attends to more important things, like prepping the food or mingling with guests.


BBQ Grill Light and Fan

BBQ Grill Light and Fan

Conditions for grilling are often less than ideal. It’s hard to see at night, and smoke in the face is always a problem. Give your favorite grillmaster the BBQ Grill Light and Fan. It acts as an exhaust fan to keep smoke away from the chef, and lights the grill surface so he or she can see the fine details of the food.

As the grillmasters in your life prepare for three seasons of outdoor cooking, consider rewarding their hard work with a BBQ gift from Sharper Image. After all, if you get to enjoy their delicious grilled food, then it’ll be a gift to yourself as well!




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