Top 10 Ways To Put Your Binoculars To Use

Sharper Image Top TenHave a pair of binoculars collecting dust? They make a great gadget gift, but after you’ve had them for a while, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of using them. Here are ten ways to put your binoculars back in use and keep them in regular operation.

1. Binoculars are for the birds: In the best possible way, of course. Use your binoculars to keep tabs on your feathered neighbors.

up close bird

2. Spy on animals: Let’s face it, there are plenty of critters you wouldn’t want to get close enough to inspect in detail. Binoculars let you have all the inter-species voyeurism, with none of the risk.

3. Check out Mr. Moon: Take a look at our recent post on impressive lunar features that you can see with the naked eye, and see even better with a pair of binoculars.

4. Milky Way Watching: Tired of Mr. Moon so soon? With a good pair of binoculars, you can pick out many of the individual stars that make up the bright, hazy band of our galaxy.

5. Andromeda Galaxy: If you can’t get enough of this galactic action, go intergalactic and scan the night sky for Andromeda. On a really dark night, you’ll be able to make out the basic shape of that good ol’ gal’ next door.

6. Get your eyes out of the nosebleed section: You can’t always afford the best tickets at a concert—but invest in some good binoculars once, and it’s like having a front-row seat for life.

7. Get close to the action: The same logic applies to sports arenas. Bring your binoculars with you to the game, and you’ll feel like you’re on the field.

8. Keep an eye on your remote control toys: Does your kid keep steering your remote control toy farther and farther away? Are you staging a remote control car race? Track the toys’ progress, however far away they get, with a pair of binocs.

9. Know the trail ahead: Having a light pair of binoculars on-hand when you’re hiking will keep you apprised of the conditions you’re heading into, and give you a longer, closer view at vantage points.

10. And finally, straight-up, good old fashioned snooping: Let’s be clear: we do not encourage the invasion of anyone’s privacy. Keep the binocs clear of other people’s windows. However. Sometimes you really want, say, to look at the neighbor’s new car up close without him seeing you drool—he so clearly wants to see you drool—and it’s not like he’s parking it on the street for people to not look at it. Break out the binoculars, and save yourself the walk. And the inevitable monologue on his buying process.


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