Toddler Accidentally Buys a Car On eBay With Dad’s Smartphone

It’s interesting how children learn to operate technology at such a young age. A game of ‘Angry Birds’ is harmless but what happens when your toddler gets on eBay? A parent in Oregon found out the dangers of allowing your child to play on your phone after she ordered a car off eBay!

Paul Stoute’s 14-month year old daughter made a little boo-boo while playing on her father’s phone. She miraculously bid and won a 1962 Austin Healy Sprite for $225. Paul and his wife were frantic wondering how they was going to acquire the car but thankfully the seller was not far from his home. The car is not in running condition and needs to be restored. The toddler’s purchase has not turned into a little project for her dad and he is seeking help to restore the vehicle. He has now set up a website seeking donations to assist with the restoration project. Good luck on acquiring the donations Paul but I suggest putting a lock on your phone if she really made this purchase.



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