Today’s Top Father’s Day Picks

The Solar Pool Skimmer uses energy from the sun to remove debris on the surface of your pool. This means that there will be less bottom pool cleaning required, thus running your pool pump less can save you money on energy costs throughout the year.

Clean Your Pool effortlessly!

    Even when the sun is down, the Solar Pool Skimmer runs on its sun-stored energy from its rechargeable battery. For just $549.99, you can eliminate hand skimming for good and give yourself more time to enjoy your pool.

    Travel Gas Free with this Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for a way to travel moderate distances without using gas, then the Electric Powered Scooter should be your first choice. This scooter is great for on and off roads and can navigate rugged terrains in a thrilling fashion. This scooter can travel 25 miles on a full charge with a maximum speed of 25 mph. It comes equipped with front and rear lights, an alarm, and an easy folding system. If you’re looking to be energy efficient, the Electric Powered Scooter is right for you.

Give Your Kids the Competitive Advantage in Water Gun Fights

    The Water Pellet Blaster shoots harmless (non-toxic), odorless high-tech pellets of water across huge distance (85-ft). Don’t worry though; the ammo will not harm children as it disintegrates on contact. The remains of the ammo get absorbed by the soil and are harmless to your yard. Maybe even purchase a few and you can have fun with whole family as each Pellet blaster is priced at an affordable $39.99. Blaster Ammo is available too for $9.99.

    An alternative to the Pellet blaster would be the Crossbow Water Balloon Launcher. With this balloon launcher, your kids will be able to drench their friends with distances up to 30 feet. This launcher comes with 50 balloons that are biodegradable. Instead of bringing a squirt gun to the water fight, be unique and bring the Water Balloon Crossbow.

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