TiVo Adds Unique Personal Feature To Its iPad App


Don’t scramble with your cable providers channel guide next time you don’t have something to watch. TiVo can now find programmings for you based on your preferences. Check out the new TiVo feature below.

TiVo changed the way we watch television giving users the ability to record television shows. The service just got better, TiVo via the iPad, can now  recommend live TV programmings.

With the new “What to Watch Now” feature on the iPad users will have shows recommending for their viewing based on their personal preferences. By accessing user-defined preferences, viewing history and “regional viewing trends” TiVo will now be able to find shows which are set to air within the next 30 minutes and with the gathered data the suggestions should be on interest to the user.

The “What to Watch Now” feed is just one of the many enhancements coming to TiVo, according to TiVo, new feeds, including those based on social networking trends and critic recommendations will be added to the service in the near future.

Who needs a program guide anymore with TiVo?


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