Time To Clean The Pool?

Tired of having to clean the pool in the sun vs. just coming out and jumping in? Solar Pool Skimmer to the rescue!

Check out what this bad boy does:

“Dive into a clean,

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clear swimming pool at a moment’s notice – without skimming the surface debris first. When you have the Solar Pool Skimmer, it is working hard on a sunny day, so you don’t have to.

Pools collect leaves, dust, organic material and debris all day long, and most of it floats on the surface for 3 or 4 hours before it sinks. However, most pool owners only run their filtration systems at night, when energy costs are low. These cleaning systems do nothing to clean and filter the water if the pool pump isn’t running, and they consume hundreds of dollars of electricity when they are running.

Powered by the sun, this automatic pool cleaner operates without hoses, cords or attachments and removes all of the debris that floats on the surface of the pool before it sinks to the bottom. Solar Pool Skimmer spends its day picking up the bugs, pollen, leaves, grass and dust – making your water crystal clear when you’re ready for a swim. It goes for hours after sundown, too, on energy stored in its rechargeable lithium ion battery. The solar powered automatic pool cleaner is a great addition to your summer fun – keeping your pool clean and beautiful all day long.”

Buy yours here.



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