This Week ON #ManCaveMonday: Deck Out Your Man Cave

man cave decorSome spaces get decorated. Man caves get decked out. So check your pastel pallets and doilies at the door, interior stylists—you’re in Man Cave Country now. The rules are different here. As every man knows, in your one-room kingdom, your tastes reign supreme. If anyone asks you whether your man cave has a “theme,” go ahead and tell them it sure does. The theme is “Stuff I Like.”

And what do you like? You like to relax. Your man cave is a sacred place, where you can leave your stresses at the threshold—just toss them on top of the doilies. When the door closes behind you, there’s no better way to tell yourself you’re in stress-free zone than by sinking into a nice, comfortable seat. And as seats go, nothing is more comfortable than our Zero Gravity Chair with Massaging Ottoman. Recline in perfect comfort, while the massage chair warms your muscles, and forget every minute you spent stuck in traffic. Let its massaging action work out your neck, back, and calves—that knot that showed up when you saw that your sandwich was missing from the refrigerator at work? It’s gone now. Just let it aaall go.

Now, one of the virtues of a massage chair is that you can’t share it—so you don’t have to. But every once in a while, you might want to allow a few people into your inner sanctum, and a massage chair can’t exactly accommodate your entire Man Cave Crew. No fighting over the chair, guys. Bring in the Fortress Sofa. Sleek as a sports car, and reinforced with rugged chrome steel, relaxing doesn’t get any manlier than this. (Depending on the size of your crew—and your cave—there’s an arm chair and a love seat too.)

When you’re deep in your man cave, it’s easy to lose track of the time. Maybe you like it that way. (Of course you like it that way.) But sometimes you’ll still have to remind yourself that time keeps passing, even while you’re in a state of perfect man-bliss. Soften the blow with a Man Cave Neon Clock—it might make you think about the world on the other side of the door, but at least you’ll also know that, for now, you’re right where you belong.

At this point, the space might feel a little bare, but remember: the best decorations aren’t decorations at all. Isn’t playing darts a kind of an art form? Even a fine art? Why not decorate your wall with an Electronic Talking Dartboard. It’s programmed for 22 different games, and it’ll keep score for you and up to seven other people. Now that’s a thing of beauty. And you won’t even have to pick out a frame for it. Still have a little wall-space you’d like to spruce up? How about adding something that will never fail to bring a smile, and a glass, to your lips—a Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser. Keep your four favorite spirits displayed and at the ready at all times. The dispenser pours a perfect 1.5-ounce shot every time, so you don’t even have to worry about pouring. Not that you could really worry about anything. Not here, in Man Cave Country.

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