The iPhone 5 Is Coming To T-Mobile This April


T-Mobile was the only other major carrier that did not offer the iPhone 5. But that has just changed. Details about Apple’s smartphone on the provider can be found below.

On April 12, T-Mobile will finally be adding the iPhone 5 to its device lineup.

Yesterday at an event in New York CEO John Legere provided the details of Apple’s popular cellular phone coming to his company. According to Legere, the lack of an iPhone “was such a huge void in our device portfolio.”

Unlike the other major carriers, T-Mobile will be offering the phone under a unique payment system. Consumers will pay $100 up front for the device, after they will be charged $20 a month for the device. Traditional service fees for voice, text and data still apply, starting at $50 a month, still cheaper than its competitors.

Legere was quite frank during the announcement yesterday saying “Stop the bullshit,” to its competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for requiring customers to sign a contract in order to receive a discount on the iPhone. He continued “Carriers are really nice to you… once every 23 months.”


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