Ten Remote Control Toys That Will Bring Out the Kid in Anyone

Sharper Image Top TenYoung and old alike love the excitement and fun of a remote control toy speeding across the pavement or through the sky. In the past few years, RC toys have come a long way, advancing in technology and delivering the function many of us who are now adults wished we had when we were kids. So take a look at these fun and creative remote control cars, boats, helicopters and crossover vehicles that are sure to bring out the kid in anyone.


With the advancements in smartphone technology, it was only a matter of time before we ditched the classic controller and were able to use our phone screens to steer our remote control toys. These are a few of our favorite app controlled RC toys.

remote control app controlled car1. App Controlled Car: Sure driving on pavement is fun and fast, but adventure lies beyond the blacktop. Go there with the rugged wheels and suspension of this off-road RC car, completely controlled by your smartphone. Jumps, dirt piles and mud await! Can be used with all iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad IOS (3.2 or above).

remote control mercedes with music2. iPhone Controlled Mercedes with Music: Hug tight turns with speed while your favorite tunes create the soundtrack to your rubber-burning adventure. This scaled down Mercedes is controlled by your iPhone or iPad, and plays music from your device through the car’s speakers.

iphone controlled ferrari3. iPhone Controlled Ferrari: Want to drive your dream car? How about a smaller version of it, while you steer from the comfort of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and let your imagination run wild. This Ferrari Enzo is controlled from the custom dash app, complete with gauges. Rev it up and redline on the straightaways.

Combat Ready

One of the features we always dreamed of as kids (or attempted with destructive results) was being able to battle other remote control toys, whether on the ground or in the air. Finally we have the ability to live out our competitive dreams with these battling RC toys.

remote control bumper cars4. RC Bumper Cars (set of two): Rule the midway with all of the fun of bumper cars, miniaturized and remote controlled. Tap your opponent’s ejector button to win and his mini-driver (not the actress) goes flying. Pure satisfaction for the more competitive among us.

remote control battling helicopters5. Set of 2 Battling Remote Controlled Choppers: Take to the skies for the ultimate RC toy battle of skill, wit, and combat. These two remote control helicopters are equipped with infrared light beams and sensors that allow you to fire on your opponent. The first two hits send your opponent veering off course while the third forces them to land for a recovery time. Your RC dream choppers are here!

Multi-function Crossover

No longer are RC toys restricted to land, sea or air. Today, they can transition from land to water or air to land seamlessly as you continue to pilot your remote controlled fun.

remote control amphibious stunt car6. Amphibious RC Stunt Car: King of land and water, this amphibious remote control stunt car spins and tricks on solid ground or cruises across puddles, pools, ponds and lakes.

remote control supercraft7. The Versa Hybrid Supercraft RC Plane: Land, sea or air, this remote control toy rules them all. Perfect for cruising calm water, and low level flying, this RC plane can take off from the surface of water or land.

The Ultimate

These are the RC toys that make your brain instantly go into creative mode filled with daydreams about remote control adventures. The sky’s the limit with these fun aerial vehicles and one of the coolest tanks around.

remote control drone8. XDrone: Own the skies with flips, spins and aerial tricks. The precise controls and quad-copter technology allow this RC drone toy to fly, hover, spin and flip with ease.

4 ft remote control helicopter9. World’s Largest Gyro Helicopter: Go big or go home! While small gyro helicopters can be fun for zipping around the living room, this 4 foot long behemoth delivers the easy flying of smaller choppers with the size that can handle outdoor flights.

RC spy tank10. RC Spy Tank: This is the remote control toy that 80s/90s kids movie stars wished they had. Whether solving crimes or spying on their siblings, this RC tank would’ve been their go-to toy for movie hijinx. Controlled from the comfort of your iPad or iPhone, it transmits live video back to your device so you can peek around corners and get the scoop on crime capers before they happen.


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