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The Pope Has Officially Converted To Twitter


Its been a few weeks since Pope XIV joined Twitter and it looks like he has caught the “Twitter bug.” Check out his recent statement on spreading the word via social networks.

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Judge Rules It Unlawful To Publish Photos From Twitter


Even though your Twitter timeline may be public it is not a free for all for new agencies for their own personal gain. A photographer recently won a lawsuit against AFP news agency after they published some of his photos from the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Check the full story on the publish Twitter photos below.

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Twitter Allows Users To Download History Of Tweets


Twitter has rolled out a new feature that allows users to download their whole history of tweets on the social network. The feature brings Twitter in line with the world’s largest social network Facebook, which already allowed users to download their status post history. Check out the newest Twitter update below.

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Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter


Facebook recently stopped support of Twitter cards on Instagram, meaning your posts on Instagram can no longer be posted

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directly on the microblogging site. Not only did Facebook stop support it deleted all posts made to Twitter. Is this the beginning of social networking wars? Details about the Instagram changes after the jump.

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Twitter Password Reset Mistake Causes Fear Of A Security Breach

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Did you receive an e-mail from Twitter requesting you to change your password? Your account seems fine but should you really change your password? Actually it’s safe to ignore the password reset e-mails from Twitter there was no security breach. Details about the false alarms on Twitter below.

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