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Starbucks to Implement Wireless Charging Stations

Starbucks announced that they will be installing Duracell Powermat chargers in stores nationwide, beginning in San Francisco.

The Powermat chargers are circular pads embedded into tabletops and counters, where customers will be able to receive free, wireless power for their smart phones.

Only customers with a compatible phone case or plug-in adapter can benefit from the charging stations.  These adapters are currently available at AT&T stores, but Starbucks hasn’t said whether or not they will be selling the adapters as well.

While Powermat has many competitors in the wireless power field, Starbucks is confident that their customers will be quick to embrace the new technology.



Starbucks Replaces AT&T With Google as It Wifi Provider


Next time you plan of getting some work done over a Starbucks coffee you might notice a difference with the Internet connection in it locations. The coffee chain has given AT&T the boot and brought in Google as its Wifi provider.

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