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How to Stay Healthy

Tips to stay healthy

If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve probably seen the stories about the seasonal rise of common colds and flu bugs, not to mention the international appearance of the deadly ebola virus.

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Sleep Better and Relax More Completely with the Top 10 Relaxation and Sleep Solutions

Sharper Image Top Ten

You spend a third of your life sleeping. Why not make the most of it? After a hard day of work, kick back and enjoy the downtime with our ten favorite relaxation and sleep solutions. Each will help you squeeze a little more out of your night’s rest and daytime lounging. Continue reading →

Sleep better this summer with the Ultimate Summer Night’s Sleep Solutions

sleep solutionsThe nights are steamy and unless you’re getting up before 5 a.m. across most of the country, you’ll be waking up to the sun most mornings from late May through July. Who hasn’t woken up on a humid morning to the light beaming into their eyes and felt like they hadn’t slept a wink all night? For those of you who struggle to find sleep solutions in the summer months here are a couple tips to help you sleep better and awake more refreshed when darkness is limited and the nights aren’t quite cool enough. Continue reading →

Discover the rest of your life with the next installment of the Sharper Image #FirstWorldSolutions Giveaway: Sleep Therapy Mask

sleep solutions

With stress from the day and environmental impacts from the world around you, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, Sharper Image is all about solving your sleep problems with innovative sleep solutions. Here’s your chance to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with this Sleep Therapy Mask.  Continue reading →

Sleep Solutions: Scents & Sounds for a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep solutions scents and soundsWhen it comes to the effects of scents and sounds on sleep, there’s more than meets the eye. Which maybe isn’t such a high bar, since you can’t see smells and sounds in the first place, and besides, if you’re trying to sleep you should really close your eyes—but you know what we mean. With your vision offline, your senses of smell and hearing take the lead, giving them more power to help you slip into a doze, or, if things go wrong, to keep you up all night. Here are a few sleep solutions that will help you get on your way to dreamland. Continue reading →