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Teenager Creates Device That Charges Cell Phones In 20 Seconds



As we know, cell phone advancement has come a long way over the year. With our phones taking on more functions keeping it charged has required us to either walk with our charger or purchasing an extended battery pack. One day we might be able to leave our charger at home and keep our phone charged thanks to a teenager from California. 18 year old Eesha Khare has created a technology which will revolutionize the way we charge our phones. Watch a news report on her invention below.

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Check Out The First Videos Shot With Google Glass


There is still some mystery around the specs and features of Google Glass but one mystery has solved, the video recording capability. Google has released numerous video filmed with Glass, shot in 720p. Check out some of the activities shot with Glass below.

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Microsoft Rumored To Be Developing A Smartwatch


There has been a slew of rumors that the new big breakthrough in gadgets will be smartwatches. Various companies like Apple and Google are rumored to be working on wearable high tech watches and now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft will be another competitor in the developing market. Check out the details on Microsoft its possible smartwatche below.

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Google Joins In The April Fools’ Day Activities With Multiple Web Pranks


As usual Google has a little fun with some pranks on April Fools’ Day. What “projects” can you expect from Google this year? Check out some of company’s newest technologies for pranksters below.

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Rest Easy At Night With the Sleep Therapy Mask


Long day at the office? Well don’t let your daily hardships plague your brain and prohibit you from a good nights rest. With the Sleep Therapy Mask you can sleep quickly and peacefully. Check out if the Sleep Therapy Mask is for you below.

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