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What If You Heartbeat Replaces Your Login and Passwords?

nymi black

With sensitive information transmitted daily via the Internet we are required to use various passwords and logins to safeguard information. It can be tedious at times remembering various credentials but what if your heart was the key to your information? With Nymi that could soon be an option.

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First Look At The New Rumored iPhone Models

Apple iPhone_5S

As the anticipation rises for the alleged iPhone announcement on September 10 more and more questions arise as to what we can expect in the new model.

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A video was released of what could be the new “gold” iPhone 5S and blue plastic iPhone 5C. Check out the video below.

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Toddler Accidentally Buys a Car On eBay With Dad's Smartphone


It’s interesting how children learn to operate technology at such a young age. A game of ‘Angry Birds’ is harmless but what happens when your toddler gets on eBay? A parent in Oregon found out the dangers of

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allowing your child to play on your phone after she ordered a car off eBay!

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Control Your iPhone & iPad With Head Movement In iOS 7




An anonymous tipster found an unique new feature coming to Apple’s mobile operating system this fall. Details and videos of controlling your i-Device with head movements below.

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Inside Look To Apple’s iOS 7


Apple recently revelaed some new products at WWDC 2013, the company’s annual developer conference. The beta for iOS 7 has been released for developers to test out, so what can we expect in the new operating system? Get a first look at iOS 7 below.

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