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Stay In Contact On The Go With The All Weather Touch Screen Gloves

all weather touch screen gloves

Need some last minute gift ideas? Well look no further. Maybe you need something that helps you read emails while on your daily commute to either work or school. Well the All Weather Touch Screen Gloves is the perfect solution for smartphone owners.
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Roku Finally Adds YouTube Channel

youtube roku

Its took a while but Google and Roku have finally came to an agreement to add a YouTube channel for streaming on the set-top boxes.
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The FCC Is Considering Lifting the In-Flight Cell Phone Ban

cell phone plane

The fastening of your seat belt use to be one of the major tasks flight attendants had to follow up on thoroughly before a flight took off. Over the years the usage of cell phones before lift off has probably surpassed seat belt as the harder thing to contain. Well flight attendants might have some weight lifted off their shoulders as the FCC is considering allowing cell phone usage on commercial aircrafts.
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Twitter Enhanced To Allow Users To Send Photos Via DM


An minor upgrade was released for the Twitter app this week. Besides a couple of cosmetic changes to the app a new feature has been added to the micro-blogging network. Users can now send photo via DM to other friends.
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Facebook Considering Implementing New ‘Sympathize’ button


The Facebook “Like” is the only way users of the social network can display a large array of feelings on a friend’s status but that may change in the near future. Facebook engineers have brainstormed a new button to work alongside the “Like” the “Sympathize” button.
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