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Snapchat Finally Confirms Leak Of 4.6M Usernames & Numbers

snapchat ceo

As we entered a New Year popular photo sharing app Snapchat brought in 2014 on the wrong foot. Hackers published a huge database containing over 4 million user names and phone numbers of the popular application.
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Apple Denied NSA planted Backdoors On Their Devices

A dated yet eye opening NSA document was leaked by German magazine Der Spiegel. The document stated the NSA created a back-door program to access commercial devices and websites.
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BBC Server Was Controlled and Up For Sale By A Russian Hacker


A US firm Hold Security has become aware of a BBC server that was being auctioned off on a black market forum recently.
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Video Game Collection Lands This Man Into Guinness Book

micheal tommasson

A NY man is looking for a recount of his video game collection. After surpassing the previous Guinness World Record for his video game collection he actually found even more games since the last count.
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Apple Strikes Deal With World’s Largest Mobile Carrier

iphone china

Looks like Apple’s signature mobile device is headed to the Far East. Tim Cook & Co. have solidified a deal to sell the iPhone with China Mobile.
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