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#ManCaveMonday: 100 Cigar Glasstop Humidor

Sharper Image mancave mon cigar humidor

With recent news of improving economic and travel relations with Cuba, many of us are thinking about the smooth taste of a quality cigar. For cigar aficionados, there are few things as enjoyable as smoking a hand-rolled cigar from Latin America, while kicking back in the comfort and seclusion of your man cave. And for those same enthusiasts, keeping the best cigars on hand for special occasions can be difficult. Continue reading →

#ManCaveMonday: The Ultimate in Remote Control Toys

Remote Control ToysYou could get up from your seat in your outdoor man cave, walk over to your buddy sitting by the pool and hand him a beer, or you could deliver it with a splash! This RC Water and Land Tank Drink Carrier can carry up to four drinks by land or by sea (pool), and is mounted with a soft pellet canon so you can target your pals for a little fun.

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This Week ON #ManCaveMonday: Deck Out Your Man Cave

man cave decorSome spaces get decorated. Man caves get decked out. So check your pastel pallets and doilies at the door, interior stylists—you’re in Man Cave Country now. The rules are different here. As every man knows, in your one-room kingdom, your tastes reign supreme. If anyone asks you whether your man cave has a “theme,” go ahead and tell them it sure does. The theme is “Stuff I Like.” Continue reading →

This week on #ManCaveMonday: Bring your cave outside with these outdoor BBQ man cave ideas!

Man Cave MondaySummer’s here, the football season hasn’t started (yet!) and in those moments when you’re not holed up in the greatest room this world has ever seen (your man cave), you’ve noticed that the weather outside is actually nice. Sunny days aren’t just for chores and outdoor activities. They’re for enjoying your perfectly manicured man-yard, and more importantly, cooking slabs of meat over an open fire. But how do you bring the comfort and convenience of your man cave to the great outdoors? With the right setup, you can kick back, relax and enjoy all of the amenities of your man cave (minus the dungeonesque darkness) outside, with the people and meat that you love. Continue reading →


If you already felt like you never wanted to leave your man cave, this massage chair recliner will ensure they’ll file a missing person’s report for you. Massage while watching the game? Check! Massage while mashing buttons on your favorite console? Check! Kick back and relax. You deserve this. It’s #ManCaveMonday after all!