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Google Is Shutting Down Google Reader This Upcoming July


Google is closing the doors on its popular web content feeder Google Reader. Users are able to compile their favorite feeds from across the web to receive updates on news. Why is Google Reader shutting down? What alternatives are out there for users? Find out below.

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Google Shows Off Talking Shoes At SXSW


Remember the adage from Michael Jordan commercials, “Is it the shoes,” well with Google it is. The tech giant has developed a talking shoe which connects the wearer to all your friends in an extraordinary way. How does Google shoes work? Check out more about their latest project below.


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Google Play Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary


It was a year ago when Google relaunched its revamped marketplace for Android devices packed with new features. How can you celebrate one year anniversary of Google Play? With more apps, music and moves. Details about the one year anniversary below.


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Google Rumored To Open Retail Stores Across The U.S.


Google fans may soon have a brick-and-mortar locations to purchase products from the tech giant. By the holiday season later this year, Google is expected to open retail locations in major cities, Do you think retail stores will benefit to the growth of Google? Details about the Google rumor can be found below.

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YouTube May Introduce Paid Subscriptions


Google is reportable adding a new feature to its video streaming website, paid subscriptions. This will be fairly interesting as how it could effect traditional television. We will have to wait until Spring to see if this rumor is true. Check out the full rumor about YouTube below.

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