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Facebook Launches New App 'Paper' For iPhone


As rumored Facebook is launching a stand alone new application for mobile devices. The social network has announced details regarding the release of the app and what it will offer. Continue reading →

Facebook Launches Trending Topics On The Web

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A Facebook redesign was introduced today, which takes a move right from Twitter’s playbook.
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Facebook Is Working On A Mobile News Service


With information available rapidly at our fingertips it only make sense that the world’s largest social network is trying to enter the news market. Continue reading →

Facebook Considering Implementing New 'Sympathize' button


The Facebook “Like” is the only way users of the social network can display a large array of feelings on a friend’s

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status but that may change in the near future. Facebook engineers have brainstormed a new button to work alongside the “Like” the “Sympathize” button.
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WhatsApp Passes Facebook As Leading Mobile Messaging App


The world’s biggest social network has lost a crown in the mobile category. WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook in social messaging category.
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