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Amazon Announces the Smartest Phone Yet, the Fire Phone

Amazon CEO introduced the company’s first smart phone, the Fire Phone, which will launch on July 25 exclusive to AT&T. The Fire Phone is an extension of their Kindle Fire tablets, and will be the first smartphone to include the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Among it’s unique features, the Fire Phone will be able to display 3D images, with the illusion of depth behind the screen. Users can scroll through various web pages by tilting the phone in different directions, without touching the display.

Additionally, Fire Phone users will be offered free, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud, and the ability to “fling” videos and music from one device to another (such as Amazon’s Fire TV or Xbox).

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Fire Phone is Firefly, which can scan any product (even music and television shows) and provide related information within seconds. Firefly will combine technologies from popular smart phone apps like Shazam and My Fitness Pal, and be able to scan 100 million objects, including foods, songs, household products, TV channels and much more.  If the object being scanned is available on, users can add it to their shopping cart instantly.

The Software Development Kit is available online now, so developers can create apps compatible with the Fire Phone, and even build on top of Firefly technologies.



Apple Introduces $5 Mobile Data Passes For Tablet Users


Do you own an 3G/4G enabled AT&T tablet? The telecom company announced today some new options for seldom users without a Wifi connection.

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AT&T Now Offer Yearly Upgrades With AT&T Next Program




T-Mobile recently made some changes to it upgrade program not requiring customers to purchase new devices every two years. AT&T has followed suit with its new NEXT program. What exactly does Ma Bell offer? Find out below.

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AT&T Introduces Temporary Charging Stations Around New York City


AT&T has introduced a counter measure to keep NYC residents cell phones juiced up for any situation. The company has launched cell phone charging stations around NYC to charge smart phones. Find out more details about the charging stations below.

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