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Successfully Keep New Years Resolutions With These Websites


New Years is here again. What bad habits or vices do you plan to leave in 2012? If have failed to keep up with New Years Resolutions in the past there are some great websites which can ensure you reach your goals. Check out some helpful websites for New Years Resolutions below.

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Bloomberg Launches A Financial App Store


Bloomberg has launched an app store but it does not offer the popular apps like Angry Birds or Words With Friends. Instead it is an Wall Street orientated app store with apps like Trade Navigator or Angry Bonds. Interesting spin-offs. Check out more on the Bloomberg App Store below.

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RunPee App Helps You Schedule Bathroom Breaks At The Movies


The beauty of DVD’s and streaming movie services like Netflix is the ability to pause movies anytime. At the movie theater though the option is not available. But no worries, there is an app for that. With RunPee you can “schedule” bathroom and snack breaks around big scenes of the movie. Details

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about RunPee below.

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iPhone App Helps You Monitor Your Heart Rate!


Fitness gurus did you know your iPhone could be a great companion to help you get the best workout? Cardiio app helps you monitor your heart just by staring at your iPhone! Check out how Cardiio works below.

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Facebook Acquires Mobile Development Group Acrylic Software


Mobile apps are not one of the strongest points of Facebook but they are determined to make the user experience better on our smartphones. Details about the recent acquisition by Facebook below.

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