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The Return of the iPod Touch

After two years since the last release, Apple debuts a new and improved iPod Touch. The updated device is brighter, cheaper and available today in the US.

Specifically, the new iPod comes in blue, gray, pink, red, silver and yellow, with a rear-facing camera and high-definition video capabilities.  Plus, all three models (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) are seeing major price cuts. Most significantly, the 64GB model is now available for $100 cheaper.

While all three models are programmed with iOS 7 software, they can be upgraded to iOS 8 this fall. Will you be buying a new iPod?


Coming Soon: Apple’s Smart House

Last week Apple announced “HomeKit,” a new platform that aims to make the home automation industry much smarter. HomeKit users will be able to control lights, locks, doors, thermostats, cameras and more via one single iOS 8 app.

While iOS 8 isn’t available until the Fall, the beta test is available now for smart home companies looking to develop software/products compatible with HomeKit.

Apple’s goal is to encourage various home automation devices to work together on their platform and revolutionize the smart home industry.

Apple Receives Solar Powered MacBook Patent


The next MacBook might be more enjoyable on a park bench compared to a coffee shop. Apple has won a patent to power MacBooks with solar power cells. Continue reading →

Apple Denied NSA planted Backdoors On Their Devices

A dated yet eye opening NSA document was leaked by German magazine Der Spiegel. The document stated the NSA created a back-door program to access commercial devices and websites.
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Apple Strikes Deal With World’s Largest Mobile Carrier

iphone china

Looks like Apple’s signature mobile device is headed to the Far East. Tim Cook & Co. have solidified a deal to sell the iPhone with China Mobile.
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