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Amazon Might Be Developing An Android Video Game Console


The next-gen of video game consoles is forthcoming and a new competitor Amazon may be entering the market. What do we know so far about the video game console? Find out below.

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Amazon Rumored To Release Smartphone With 3-D Screen


Amazon is expanding their hardware offerings with a new smartphone offering. What can we expect from the online retailer in the near future? Find out below.

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Amazon Developing A Set-Top Box Which Streams Video



Amazon has a huge video catalog and they are working on bringing it to your living room easier. The online retailer is expected to released a streaming video set-top this year. Details on the Amazon rumor can be found below.

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Amazon Tried To Purchase Netflix In Its Early Days


Streaming and DVD powerhouse Netflix, came a long way. Back in its early days of 1999, founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph met with the Amazon CEO to discuss a possible partnership. Hastings was all ears if the price was right. How much did Amazon offer? Find out below.

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