T-Mobile Prepares For iPhone Launch With A Trade-In Program

T-Mobile received a lot of attention recently after announcing that it will be carrying the iPhone 5. Well the deal just got a little sweeter if you were thinking about joining the T-Mobile family. Find out how below.



As the last major carrier to add the iPhone to its device offering, T-Mobile has a lot of ground to cover. The  device will officially be hitting the cell phone provider shelves on Friday, April 12th has introduced a new incentive program to attract customers to its company.

T-Mobile is already offering deals on the iPhone 5 before they release the device, you can reduce the amount of money you put down on the device or save money on the monthly service rate by taking advantage of its extended trade-in program which now also includes older iPhones from other carriers.

New customers will be required to pass a credit check and pay $99 upfront and $20 a month along with a service fee for 24 month.

The offer is highly suitable for Verizon Wireless and Sprint customers looking to jump ship being their device is not as compatible on T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s GSM networks. If a customer trades in an iPhone 5 they will receive a $168 bill credit, or $7 in savings each month, which equates to a $13 charge on top of the service fee. The iPhone 4S trade-ins will be granted a $120 credit which in turn means a $15 device fee each month. The iPhone 4 will be granted a $24 trade-in value, or a $19 monthly fee.

Don’t hesitate however, T-Mobile is offering this trade-in program for a limited time. You will be able to trade-in your older iPhone devices until June 16.


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