Successfully Keep New Years Resolutions With These Websites

New Years is here again. What bad habits or vices do you plan to leave in 2012? If have failed to keep up with New Years Resolutions in the past there are some great websites which can ensure you reach your goals. Check out some helpful websites for New Years Resolutions below.

Some of the most common and traditional new year’s resolutions—losing weight, quitting smoking, getting those finances in order—are the most commonly broken.

Keeping them may be a bit easier with some online assistance.

No matter what resolution you’re working toward achieving, it’s important to make your goals specific and realistic, set intermediate goals to reward yourself along the way, and have a strong support network of people who know about your resolution and can help you keep it, according to

Here are a few websites you might want to look into as you resolve to make yourself a better person in 2013: has you to sign a contract with yourself and designate a referee to verify your progress online toward your stated goal. If you choose, you can put money on the line as an added incentive—the money will go to the charity or cause of your choice if you break your contract with yourself.

Gympact allows you to actually earn money by going to the gym (verified via smartphone check-in). The money comes from people who don’t make it to the gym. You can change your pact (or promise) weekly and set your own penalty for not working out. The system also works with RunKeeper.

Achievr allows you to set and track goals via the SMART method (making sure goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). You can login with your Google or Facebook account to track and share your progress.

Habitforge sends you daily reminder emails of your goals and motivations, counts down the 21 days it usually takes to form a habit and shows you how you’re doing.

Quitnet is an online community of people trying to stop smoking and of people who have already quit. The site provides tips via email, advice online and support through an online community.


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