Stay Warm this Winter with Our Top 5 Uses for Heated Jackets and Vests

It makes sense. Your winter clothing should not only protect you from the elements and reflect your own body’s heat but it should provide extra warmth too. It’s 2015 and it’s time your winter clothing works for you! If you live in a cold environment or are just someone who often catches a chill, you’ll find a cozy refuge in these heated jackets and vests. And if you haven’t thought about wearing heated clothing before, take a look below at our Top 5 Uses for Heated Jackets and Vests.

Casual Activity
Your morning or afternoon walk can be quite chilly even when you’re moving. Across the northern tier of the country, many winter mornings will dip below 0° F. You may find yourself bundling up under heavy layers simply too retain your body heat, but then you feel like the Marshmallow Man. With a heated jacket as your outer layer or a heated vest as a mid-layer, you’ll be able to cut out those bulky jackets and sweaters, while maintaining the same warmth or even adding warmth.

Sporting Events
With football games stretching further into the winter and now outdoor hockey games becoming popular, sitting in those stands in below freezing temperatures can be brutal. Your sports buddies will be envious when they find out why you’re the only one not doing jumping jacks in the stands to stay warm. Just let them know it’s your heated jacket or heated vest so they can bring their own next time.

Ice Fishing and Hunting
When you’re stationary for long periods of time on windswept ice, or in the bone-chilly woods, a little added heat can go a long way. Layering up with a heated jacket or vest will deliver the extra warmth you want, right when you need it, so you can stay outside longer and more comfortably.

Variable Activity
Winter Sports like chairlift-accessed downhill skiing and snowboarding require significant energy and movement on the way down, and leave you stationary and at the mercy of the slowest lifts on the way up. Layering in different weight clothes has always been the best advice for the changing needs of skiers and snowboarders, but even when you dress in layers, it’s not like you can easily shed layers at the top of the mountain and put them back on when you get to the lift at the bottom. However, with a heated jacket of vest, you can control the heat so it’s off when your body is working its hardest and on when you need it on the slow ride back to the top.

Around Town
While we may not all be outdoor adventurers, we can all certainly appreciate the temperature extremes of frozen New York City and Chicago streets. Transitioning from below freezing, windy avenues to toasty warm shops and offices, can be a shock to the system and often require the dressing and undressing of big coats and heavy layers. With a heated jacket or vest you can easily regulate your temperature when you’re tackling city blocks on foot, and then turn off the heat pack when you pop inside for a coffee or some shopping.

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