Sony and Viacom Rumored To Finalized Internet TV Deal

With the era of television evolving certain companies are working to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Two actual major companies Sony and Viacom are close to solidifying a partnership that will change the way we watch major programming. Details about the Sony/Viacom deal below.

It is believed that Sony will be working together with Viacom to bring programming to Playstation video game consoles. The new Internet TV service will compete directly with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

The partnership with Viacom may be the first of many as Sony is developing an unnamed streaming service that will bring paying subscribers on-demand live cable channels. Sony’s new service can revolutionize the television industry with the creation of new packages providing the consumer more bang for their buck. Besides Viacom, Sony has already reached out to other top programmers, like the Walt Disney Company and Time Warner.

With millions of Sony Playstation units already sold in the U.S. the company is hoping to launch the service by the fourth quarter or 2013 or first quarter of 2014. The official deal has not been announced by either party and they both declined to comment. However a person involved with the negotiations directly confirmed the deal happening with the Wall Street Journal. Look out for more news on Sony’s Internet TV service in the upcoming weeks.


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