Sony and Disney To Stream Movies Still In Movie Theaters


In effort to counter attack the war on piracy some U.S. movie studios, Sony and Disney have started an unique method to make watching movies easier for consumers who can’t make it to the theater. Details about the new streaming service from Sony and Disney below.

The movie and music industry have been plagued by internet piracy but Sony and Disney is experimenting a new method of watching movies to avoid losing money from silver screen releases. The companies started a new streaming service in the South Korean market which allows people to rent movies that are currently in theaters. Instead of going to the theater you buy your tickets from home and stream the film via a cable, internet, or satellite-TV subscription.

Over the years Disney has experimented with different methods like the on-demand streaming but launching in South Korea was a huge venture being its the eighth

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largest film market. Testing in the U.S. or U.K. would not have been as effective putting the company at risk to more competitors. Success in Asia however may influence the studios to expand the model into larger markets. Regardless other studios are keeping a close eye on the success of Sony and Disney in South Korea and more may follow suit if it is successful.


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