Sleep Better and Relax More Completely with the Top 10 Relaxation and Sleep Solutions

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You spend a third of your life sleeping. Why not make the most of it? After a hard day of work, kick back and enjoy the downtime with our ten favorite relaxation and sleep solutions. Each will help you squeeze a little more out of your night’s rest and daytime lounging.

  1. Ionic Comfort Air Purifier: Create the structure for a perfect night’s rest with our #1 selling air purifier. Few things are worse than going to sleep with allergy symptoms or waking up with a stuffy nose. Keep your air clean and sleep better, with this Ionic Comfort Air Purifier.
  2. 10-in-1 Flip Pillow: flip pillowStiff necks, arms that fall asleep, restless tossing and turning – these are all symptoms of a bad sleeping position, often caused by bad pillows. Give yourself the support you need for reading, resting and sleeping with this 10-in-1 Flip Pillow.
  3. Lumbar Supporting Mattress Pad: lumbar supporting mattress padNot all mattresses are created equal. One that feels good in the store, may not be as supportive as you thought once you get it home. Or, after years by your side, your favorite mattress could be losing some of its support. Refresh your old or underperforming mattress with this Lumbar Supporting Mattress Pad.
  4. Heated Aromatherapy Pets:heated aromatherapy pets Old or young, it’s always comforting to snuggle up with a stuffed animal. These Heated Aromatherapy Pets deliver the timeless comfort of a stuffed animal with the sleep-inducing comfort of warmth and aromatherapy.
  5. Sound Soother White Noise Machine:sound soother white noise machine Fall asleep to the relaxing sounds of rain, the ocean, wind chimes, or even a cracking fireplace with this Sound Soother White Noise Machine. Comforting sounds help draw your mind to a focus on relaxation, rather than the stresses of the day. This sleep machine will help you get to sleep faster.
  6. Warming Foot Massager: warming foot massagerPreparing yourself for bed can be as important to quality sleep as your bed and pillow itself. On chilly nights, warm and sooth your feet before you hop under the covers with this Warming Foot Massager.
  7. Temperature Regulating Sheet and Pillow Case Set: temperature regulating sheet setTossing and turning can often be caused by an uncomfortable body temperature. Whether you’re too hot, or too cold, sometimes adjusting environmental temperature isn’t enough. This Temperature Regulating Sheer and Pillow Case Set goes beyond adjusting the thermostat, to create a cocoon of comfort, allowing just the right amount of body heat to escape, no matter the room temperature. Sometimes the best sleep solutions are the simplest.
  8. Anti-Snore Device: anti-snore deviceSometimes your sleep problems can be caused by the person next to you. Face it, whether we admit it or not, many people do snore, and while it may not affect the offender, it certainly can be a problem for those sleeping next to them. This Anti-Snore Device straps to your wrist, listens for snoring that exceeds 65 dB, and then stimulates your muscles, prompting you to change positions to prevent snoring.
  9. Sleep Therapy Mask: sleep therapy maskDon’t let ambient light keep you awake. This Sleep Therapy Mask gives you the light-shielding properties of a traditional sleep mask, with added sleep therapy technology that allows you to focus on its soft blue light which aids in the sleep process. Discover better sleep today with this Sleep Therapy Mask sleep solution. Or enter our #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win one.
  10. Activity and Sleep Tracker: sleep trackerPart of finding the sleep solutions that will work for you is understanding your sleep patterns. It can be hard to keep track of this on your own, which is where this Activity and Sleep Tracker can really be a benefit. In addition to tracking your sleep (and activity like running and walking) 24 hours a day, the Activity and Sleep. Tracker will report it back to your smartphone or tablet for easy viewing.

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