Siri Is Growing up: iOS6 Coming This Fall

Siri is not a little girl anymore and this Fall her operating system will have new “bells & whistles” for you to play with.

Apple will release iOS6 and it is serving up over 200 new features, including enhancements to what Siri says and does. How cool!

Check out this excerpt from TechCrunch:

“Up until now, we’d swallowed down a hearty rumor stew, complete with trusted source claims, leaked beta sites, rumors, and pure speculation. We’ve more-than expected Apple Maps, iCloud features, and Facebook integration, but the rumor mill had taken us further

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than that, with hopes of Siri APIs, Siri for iPad, and even deeper customization, with live apps not unlike the live tiles seen in Windows Phone’s metro UI.

So which dreams came true, and which will be left for later generations of the software?

All that after the break (and I’ll be updating as the announcement is made so be sure to hit refresh).”

Want to learn more about what the update has to offer? Check it out here.

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