Rest Easy At Night With the Sleep Therapy Mask

Long day at the office? Well don’t let your daily hardships plague your brain and prohibit you from a good nights rest. With the Sleep Therapy Mask you can sleep quickly and peacefully. Check out if the Sleep Therapy Mask is for you below.

Sleep Therapy Mask

Most masks simply block light, but the Sleep Therapy Mask goes the extra step to help you relax an overactive mind so you can fall asleep quickly. Simply gaze at the soft blue point of glow in order to transition from anxious thoughts to a state of relaxation and restful sleep. Sleep quickly, sleep deeper and fall asleep easier with this mask.

Soft, safe and natural. This mask absorbs light, and uses photoluminescent technology to produce the soft, blue glow that encourages rest. Simply hold your gaze on the soft glow, and you will quickly shut down the anxious thoughts that keep you awake, and fall into a restful slumber. Perfect for travel, or even at home to quiet a stressful night’s sleep.

• Glow naturally switches off thoughts and anxiety

• Relaxes you so you can sleep

• Great for a full night’s sleep, or short nap

• Made from hypoallergenic foam

• Environmentally friendly

• Nontoxic, non-radioactive

The Sleep Therapy Mask is avaliable for purchase from the Sharper Image website here.

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