Prepare for Spring Allergies with a HEPA Air Purifier

It may still be winter, but soon your dry eyes and sniffles will return. And, if you’re like most allergy-sufferers, each year your allergies sneak up on you and often feel worse than the year before. With spring only a few months away, now’s the time to prepare your home and reduce and eliminate allergens from the air. From weekly cleaning to HEPA Air Purifiers, follow these simple steps for cleaner air at home.

Seal up Your Home

As much as you may enjoy fresh air before the pollen and mold spores start flying, keeping dust and other allergens out of your home is the first step to fighting your seasonal allergies. Make sure all of your windows are properly closed and sealed, as well as any other vents or entry points, excluding doors, of course. If you have window-mounted air conditioners, make sure the area around the unit is properly sealed.

Control the Climate

With your home properly sealed, you’ll have to rely on air conditioning for temperature regulation. As soon as you see warm weather in the forecast, take the time to clean or replace all filters in your air conditioning systems. This should minimize the amount of allergens that enter your home, but there are still opportunities for them to enter or, in the case of mold, grow.

Controlling the climate of your home goes beyond air conditioning. Proper ventilation in the bathroom, like an exhaust fan, helps reduce moisture buildup from showers and baths, which can allow for mold to grow. In other damp areas of the house, like the basement, a dehumidifier will keep things dry and free of mold as well. Allergens like dust mites thrive in warm climates so in addition to keeping a dry home, maintain an air temperature of 68° F to 72° F to help prevent their growth.

Stay Clean and Allergy Free

A weekly cleaning routine can go a long way towards keeping your home allergen free. Touching each room once a week and preventing the build-up of dust will help you towards a sneeze and itch-free spring and summer. Pets, of course, are a direct source for allergies. But if you have pets, they can also track in allergens from the outdoors. Set a regular bath schedule to keep them from introducing new allergens into your home.

Clean the Air Inside Your Home with a HEPA Air Purifier

Even with the preparation above, some allergens will likely find a way into your home on shoes, clothes or just the opening and closing of outside doors. We can’t live in a bubble (though during the worst of allergy seasons we may wish we did) but we can clean the air in our homes from the allergens that make their way inside. A HEPA air purifier like this Austin Air Heavy Duty air purifier can remove 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns from up to a 1,500 square foot space. The 15 lbs. of activated carbon and Zeolite in the Austin Air Heavy Duty HEPA air purifier also removes chemicals, gasses and odors while a four-stage cleaning process with a Large Particle Pre-Filter removes dust, hair and pet dander, for exceptionally clean air.

So before the sneezing and itchy eyes start this spring, follow these simple steps to a allergy-free home and shop our HEPA Air Purifiers for truly clean air.

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