Police Gave A Woman A Traffic Ticket For Driving With Google Glass

Google Glass is gaining some major attention before they even hit the shelves for the public.

Earlier this year Google allowed 10,000 consumers or as they call them “explorers” try out the new Google Glass devices. Cecilia Abadie was one of those 10,000 and in October she was on the highway, driving while wearing her Google Glass. A California High Patrol officer pulled over Adadie for speeding and when he got to her vehicle in addition to her speeding ticket he added to her violation for driving with a video or TV in the car.

Was Abadie wrong? According to her story the Google Glass was not on while she was driving and she is innocent. When the officer approached her car window the device turned itself on which it does automatically when the head is tilted. Currently she is working with her lawyer to have the violation removed because she feels her wearable device should not be considered a violation for driving with video or TV.

Do you think wearable mobile devices should be banned while driving? Some states, like Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia are already in the process of passing laws to ban devices like Google Glass.


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