Pandora Caps Free Listening

Pandora is a great media tool to listen to music anytime, anywhere. The service is popular for its free radio which picks songs based off the users choice of song or artist. That feature is about to change dramatically. Check out the new changes coming to Pandora below.

Music streaming service Pandora is popular for its free streaming radio. Pandora’s founder Tim Westergren however announced some major changes coming to the company’s music service in a blog post this week. Listeners who utilize the free service will now be limited to 40 hours a month. However the average listener only utilizes the service for 20 hours a month, only a small number, 4 percent of its 65 million regular customers will be effected.

If users need over the allotted limit for free streaming, they have the option to upgrade to premium service for $36-a-year or listening on a different device like the computer. According to a spokeswoman for Pandora this change will only be temporary. The change is a subject of rising royalty costs and will only affect mobile listeners.

Over 75 percent of Pandora listeners use the service on a mobile device but royalty costs which have increased 25 percent in the past three years are expected to increase an additional 16 percent in the next two years.




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