The Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter by the Numbers

Venus Jupiter ConjunctionTwo of the brightest objects in the night sky are about to become visual neighbors. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will occur on the morning of August 18, 2014, just before dawn in the eastern sky. The two planets will appear side by side in the sky and will be visible without the aid of a telescope or zoom binoculars, but either will help you see them even better, of course. So set your alarm clock for the early morning on August 18, and look to the east. Whether you view the conjunction with the naked eye or with the aid of zoom binoculars, this event is not to be missed, as it is one of the closest conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter in some time. Continue reading →

#FirstWorldSolutions Giveaway: Unbreakable Rocks Glasses

unbreakable rocks glassesLet’s face it, at some point, whether something gets knocked over, or that glass is a little too slippery coming out of the dish washer, you’re going to drop and break a glass. When you invest in the style and quality of a set of rocks glasses to complement your perfectly-aged scotch, a broken glass can be a real heart-breaker.  Continue reading →

Give Yourself The Moon—All You Need Is A Pair of Binoculars

Lunar FeaturesThe Moon may be 238,855 miles away on average, but even with the naked eye, you can do a little lunar exploration—and with a good pair of binoculars, you can get a much closer look. Continue reading →

#ManCaveMonday: Electronic Return Putting Mat

Electronic return putting matWhile you may not be wealthy enough to hire your own butler, you can still live like a king in your man cave – or at least not have to retrieve your own practice putts. Following man walking on the moon, scientists world-wide devoted their careers to figuring out how to not have to spend endless hours retrieving their missed and sunken putts while practicing in the comfort of their home. Thanks to their valiant efforts, you can now perfect your putt in the judgment-free zone of your man cave, and not have to take a step to retrieve your own ball. Continue reading →

Top 10 Ways To Put Your Binoculars To Use

Sharper Image Top TenHave a pair of binoculars collecting dust? They make a great gadget gift, but after you’ve had them for a while, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of using them. Here are ten ways to put your binoculars back in use and keep them in regular operation. Continue reading →