Top 10 Ways To Put Your Binoculars To Use

Sharper Image Top TenHave a pair of binoculars collecting dust? They make a great gadget gift, but after you’ve had them for a while, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of using them. Here are ten ways to put your binoculars back in use and keep them in regular operation. Continue reading →

Know Binoculars Back-to-Front

Zoom binoculars magnification tutorialBinoculars make a great gadget gift, for someone else, or for yourself—heck, you deserve it. But with all these technical-sounding numbers in their descriptions, how do you know which binoculars to get?  Does the “X” in a 10×50 pair stand for “eXceptional quality,” or “eXactly the wrong pair to take to the stadium for the big game”? Continue reading →

Now is the time to change your passwords

Password VaultBy now you’ve probably read about the international crime ring that stole 1.2 billion user names and passwords. Whether or not you were affected, it serves as a great reminder to create secure passwords and change them regularly. Your good name, your money and your credit rating are riding on it!   Continue reading →

Get a Closer—And Farther—Look With The Next Installment Of The Sharper Image #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes: 100x Zoom Binoculars

zoom binocularsSo you’re sitting on your back porch, enjoying the fine early morning weather. Suddenly you catch a glimpse of movement, far, far up in the sky. You run into the house for your mid-range binoculars, bring them to your eyes, and there it is: the largest bald eagle you’ve ever seen, soaring up and up on a thermal, wings fully extended. It’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever witnessed—you think. Or would be anyway, you’re pretty sure. If you could see it better. You’re no eagle-eyes on your own, but even with the binoculars, that bird is just too far away. Maybe it’s a turkey buzzard. Continue reading →

This Week ON #ManCaveMonday: Deck Out Your Man Cave

man cave decorSome spaces get decorated. Man caves get decked out. So check your pastel pallets and doilies at the door, interior stylists—you’re in Man Cave Country now. The rules are different here. As every man knows, in your one-room kingdom, your tastes reign supreme. If anyone asks you whether your man cave has a “theme,” go ahead and tell them it sure does. The theme is “Stuff I Like.” Continue reading →