Outsmart the Dry Winter Itchies

Whether you repose in the southern sunshine or cherish the heat of your homey hearth, your body reacts to air that is too dry or too moist.

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Choose your scent and de-stress in your personal spa – no matter where life takes you

Relieve the tension in body, mind and spirit as your create the sensation of your favorite natural retreat at home, at your office or on the road. Continue reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

ionic comfort air purifierBut your place is pure heaven! Snuggle into your favorite spot, take a deep breath and give the puppy a hug. Bye-bye to dust, mold, pet dander, pollen and even tiny atomic particles that HEPA’s leave behind. Continue reading →

Master Mixology and Share the Spirits for #ManCaveMonday

The den is definitely decked out, the brandy is behind the bar and maybe you can make a pretty fair Margarita, but suppose the BFF sits down and says “Sidecar” sir. It’s Saturday night, the friends and family pour through the door, but are you prepared to shake, stir and rock n roll? Sure, you’re the most popular patron at the bar down the block, have ordered straight up, on-the-rocks strong and weak, but cocktail creation at home on your own? Continue reading →

8 Great Winter Gifts Under $100

Time to take charge, come in from the cold and choose some high-tech holiday treats for your loved ones! Baby, it’s cold outside… but Sharper Image has sleigh-loads of awesome gifts that won’t break your budget. You can help a husband hear his music, keep the kids content in the snow and let your BFFs dial, chat and text in the dead of winter! The 2014 Sharper Image Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy to find the season’s hottest holiday gifts — for under $100.

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