Facebook Considering Implementing New ‘Sympathize’ button


The Facebook “Like” is the only way users of the social network can display a large array of feelings on a friend’s status but that may change in the near future. Facebook engineers have brainstormed a new button to work alongside the “Like” the “Sympathize” button.
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Police Gave A Woman A Traffic Ticket For Driving With Google Glass

no google glass

Google Glass is gaining some major attention before they even hit the shelves for the public.
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WhatsApp Passes Facebook As Leading Mobile Messaging App


The world’s biggest social network has lost a crown in the mobile category. WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook in social messaging category.
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Man Throws Away Harddrive With Bitcoin Worth $7.5 Million

garbage dump

An IT worker could have quit his job yesterday if he wasn’t so careless. Years ago the British man purchased some Bitcoin for cheap but with its recent popularity and growth today he would be a millionaire. What happened to his Bitcoin stash?
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New Google Chrome Extension Allows You To Search Hands Free


Save time with the new feature in Google Chrome which allows users to search the popular search engine with your voice instead of typing.
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