Wake up early for the last lunar eclipse of 2014. And a chance to view a rare selenelion

lunar eclipseEarly tomorrow (Wednesday morning) look to the western sky to see the last lunar eclipse of 2014. Most areas of North America with clear skies should see at least part of the eclipse. The most brilliant stage of the eclipse – when the earth completely shadows the light from the sun, allowing the moon to appear reddish in color – will begin at 6:25 a.m. ET and end at 7:24 a.m. ET. Continue reading →

Football Season is Here, Which Means #ManCaveMonday is in its Prime

Brew Your Own Beer Making KitWhen kickoff rolls around on Saturday, Sunday, Monday night or now Thursday night, you could grab your go­to cold one from the fridge or cooler. Sure it’s your old standby, but it’s boring. Why not delight your taste buds and impress your buddies with your own home brewed bottles of delicious beer that you made yourself? Continue reading →

Ebola, Flu and Colds – This UV-C Purifying Wand Kills 99% of Bacteria and Viruses

UV-C Light Purifying WandWhether it’s the headline news of the first Ebola case in the US, or the return of cold and flu season, the threat of viral and bacterial infection is all around us. While there’s only a single case of Ebola diagnosed in the US, roughly 5 – 20% of Americans will get the flu each year. That’s a scary percentage and a pretty high risk! With a few months to prepare (flu season generally starts around January), now’s the time to learn how to protect yourself and your family from the flu and other viruses. Learn how to stay healthy this flu season and stock up on products that help prevent transmission and infection with the following advice from the CDC. Continue reading →

Ten Remote Control Toys That Will Bring Out the Kid in Anyone

Sharper Image Top TenYoung and old alike love the excitement and fun of a remote control toy speeding across the pavement or through the sky. In the past few years, RC toys have come a long way, advancing in technology and delivering the function many of us who are now adults wished we had when we were kids. So take a look at these fun and creative remote control cars, boats, helicopters and crossover vehicles that are sure to bring out the kid in anyone. Continue reading →

Win a Free Massage Chair and Leave Life’s Troubles Behind with Our #FirstWorldSolutions Sweepstakes

Zero Gravity Massage ChairWhen you work hard and play hard, there’s nothing like the Human Touch Zero Gravity Immersion Massage Chair to ease away stress, tension and worries. Continue reading →