Master Mixology and Share the Spirits for #ManCaveMonday

The den is definitely decked out, the brandy is behind the bar and maybe you can make a pretty fair Margarita, but suppose the BFF sits down and says “Sidecar” sir. It’s Saturday night, the friends and family pour through the door, but are you prepared to shake, stir and rock n roll? Sure, you’re the most popular patron at the bar down the block, have ordered straight up, on-the-rocks strong and weak, but cocktail creation at home on your own? Continue reading →

8 Great Winter Gifts Under $100

Time to take charge, come in from the cold and choose some high-tech holiday treats for your loved ones! Baby, it’s cold outside… but Sharper Image has sleigh-loads of awesome gifts that won’t break your budget. You can help a husband hear his music, keep the kids content in the snow and let your BFFs dial, chat and text in the dead of winter! The 2014 Sharper Image Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy to find the season’s hottest holiday gifts — for under $100.

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Glorious Holiday Gifts for Her – Under $100

Holidays are just around that next corner and we know how much SHE matters. SHE may be a girlfriend, mom, grandmother, wife or adoring daughter. At Sharper Image you have an amazing variety of perfect innovative gift choice categories including skin care, iPad/iPhone, beauty, gadgets, electronics, exercise, food, wine, personalized gifts and more.  Sharper Image Gifts for Her lets you give her the happiest days in holiday history. Continue reading →

Cut the Cord: Wireless Headphones For Every Occasion!

Of all the great advances in sound technology, there’s never been anything quite like cordless rechargeable headphones. They give us the freedom to walk, work, travel and jog, without missing a beat. There are dozens of uses for wireless headphones — and just as many devices to keep up with today’s active lifestyles. Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading →

Straighter Teeth, and a Brighter Smile – A Fabulous First Impression is Affordable

smile care club
OK, we know the feeling. Finally got that job interview you so wanted? Found the award-winning wedding photographer of your dreams? Wonderful…except you keep looking in the mirror and know you need the perfect smile to go with your plans, but don’t have $5K or more to spend and time in your schedule for months of dental office visits? Now repeat after us: Yes I Can! With Smile Care Club’s At-Home Invisible Aligner System you can straighten your teeth for a fraction of the cost of regular braces (minor crowding and space issues cost only $900) and every step is done in the comfort of your own home. In just 4-8 months, your clear plastic aligners (designed specifically for you by dental experts) will give you that confident smile you have always imagined. Continue reading →