Our 5 Favorite Outdoor Gadgets for Winter

favorite winter gadgetsWinter is here, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stay inside. Now’s the time to get out there and enjoy the snow and ice. For some of us that may be easier said than done, so in the list of our favorite outdoor gadgets for winter, we’ve included both gadgets that are fun to use outside in the winter, and gadgets that help you better enjoy the winter by keeping you warmer in the cold weather.

Bluetooth Talking Gloves:

No more fumbling for your phone in your bulky gloves! These gloves ARE your phone. Once connected, just hold your thumb up to your ear and your pinky to your mouth and talk and listen without removing your gloves or digging for your phone.


bluetooth talking gloves

Bluetooth Talking Gloves

HD Camera Ski Goggles:

This is one outdoor gadget that snow lovers won’t want to do without. Capture your runs from your point of view or record your friends and family on the slopes without having to hold a camera. These HD Camera Ski Goggles record video and take photos from the goggle-mounted camera, with built-in viewfinder in the lens.

hd camera ski goggles

HD Camera Ski Goggles

Crossbow Snowball Launcher:

Snowballs have never been this cool or this fun. This crossbow fires snowballs up to 60 feet and includes a target so you can have a fun and safe accuracy competition.

crossbow snowball launcher

Crossbow Snowball Launcher

Bluetooth Earmuffs with Voice Command:

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth for sound. These Bluetooth Earmuffs with Voice Command keep your ears toasty while providing a quality listening experience. The voice command function works with Siri and Google Now voice command systems and allows you to switch between phone calls and music seamlessly.

bluetooth earmuffs with voice command

Bluetooth Earmuffs with Voice Command

Frost Free Windshield Cover:

If you live in a cold climate you can count on adding an extra 15 minutes to your morning preparation to either scrape your windshield or allow for your defroster to melt it. That’s over an hour a week! With this Frost Free Windshield Cover you can take that valuable time back. It secures to your windshield and prevents ice and frost from forming, leaving a clean windshield when you remove it in the morning.

frost free windshield cover

Frost Free Windshield Cover


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