Need Tunes? Twitter Launches Music Web & Mobile App

Why is micro-blogging site Twitter launching a music service? Well if it is being discussed on Twitter you can find it on #Music. Check out what the app is about below.

The #Music app has been out for some time now but it was only available for celebrities. After testing from stars like Ryan Seacrest and Ne-Yo the service is now available to the public via its website and iOS app.

Why should you download #Music? If you love music you can follow and discover popular artists and bands discussed on Twitter. On top of popular acts the app will also inform you of up and coming artists discussed on the network under the Emerging tab. The app is integrated with popular music services like Rdio, Spotify and iTunes allowing subscribers to hear full tracks and purchase music from featured artists on the app.

At a recent conference Michael Sippey, Twitter’s VP of product said “There are times when you need a single-purpose driven knife in the kitchen and there are times when you are out camping and you want a Swiss Army knife. We have different apps for different purposes.” #Music handles both scenarios for music lovers making it easier to follow your favorite artists and discovering new artists based on your music tastes.

Check out the #Music for yourself here.

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