Mozilla Launches Its First FireFox Phone


If you were looking to try out the new smartphone  released by Mozilla hopefully you put your order in already because they are selling fast. Check out the specs and features from the developer of the open-source Firefox web browser below.

Smartphones usage is exponential around the globe so Mozilla has introduced it’s first devices to the world attempting to obtain a piece of the pie. Will the company be successful in it new venture in the highly competitive market? Things are off to a good start for the company since it released its two intro devices yesterday.

The company appears to be testing the waters with its new devices being it was released in Spain without a wireless carrier partnership in the United States. The entry-level Firefox phone Keon was released through Geeksphone in Spain, for $119 plus about $30 shipping. The soft release however was intended for developers to purchase who are planning to work on Firefox apps or the OS itself, there wasn’t any guideline or requirements to check it the purchaser knows Javascript. Developers seem very interested in the device with the Keon selling out after its first day of release. No word on the amount of devices developed but selling out is always a good sign for a new device hitting the market.

What exactly does the Keon offer? The device has a 1 GHz processor and an HVGA (320×480) screen. It is also packed with 512 MB of RAM. For storage it comes with 4 GB internally with the option of adding a microSD card for more space.

The Keon is an introductary level smartphone device so Mozilla has also developed the  Peak, a 4.3 inch smartphone with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. If also comes with the same amount of RAM as the Keon and 4GB internal storage. The Keon is slated to hit the shelves of retailers later this year while the Peak was designed “for developers wanting to experiment with apps for devices that might be commercially available in the future.” The Peak currently retails for $194 plus shipping.



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