More Ideas for Your Smartphone Printer

portable photo printerWe recently covered entertainment ideas for your smartphone printer. As we pointed out, a smartphone printer allows you to capture and print great photos, on the spot, wherever you are. This opens up a lot of opportunities that didn’t exist when you had to get back to the office to print or go to a store to print out your digital photos. All of your shooting, editing and printing can be done on the go, almost immediately. With that in mind here are a few more ideas for using your smarphone printer.

  1. Personalized Board Games: Pick up an old character-guessing board game at a garage sale or dig one out of your attic. Now dig into your costume bin and create new characters for the board game. Start with three defining features like a unique hat, a unique piece of jewelry and perhaps even a temporary tattoo. Take photos of each new character, and print out two copies of each on your smartphone printer (it may take a couple tries to get the right size). Tape the new photos to the frames that held the old characters and play by the original rules. Is your character holding a rubber ducky? No? Is your character wearing a pirate hat? Yes!
  2. Custom Valentines Day Cards: With a few doilies, some red and pink construction paper and glitter, this one is pretty self explanatory. Whether you print a collection of photos from your smartphone from the past year of adventure with your SO or you work with the kids to take new photos for their school Valentines cards, this can be a very fun project with little effort. Now’s the time to plan it out with only a few short weeks until the holiday.
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